January - Too cold to go outside Stay in and read a missionary book!

Here are the 4 adult missionary books for 2017-2018:

WHDL: A Library for the World
Tammy Condon

A shared passion to resource pastors and leaders around the world.  A global collaborative team from a broad range of disciplines.  Cutting-edge technology.  God’s provision.  Together, these elements culminated in a story of innovation that is bridging the gap between those with abundant resources and those with few.

The Wesleyan-Holiness Digital Library delivers content in a variety of languages and formats to remote locations across the globe.  Committing to the development of this one-of-a-kind library required strategic leadership, bold initiative, and the hand of God.  PDF E-Book 

Living Side by Side: Serving the People of Cactus, Texas
Jenni Monteblanco

Cactus, Texas is a community of 4,000 people and 40 languages.  Many Cactus residents are refugees who have fled war, persecution, or natural disasters.  Others are immigrants, documented and undocumented.  Most are grappling with a new culture, a new language, and what life in America means for them. 
PDF E-book

Eyewitness: Seeing from Within an Oppressive Society
Gusztinné Tulipán Mária

Gustinne Tulipan Maria was born to Christian parents in Hungary at a time in that country’s history when Christ followers were being persecuted under Communist rule.  By the 1990’s, the culture had begun to change in monumental ways.  Maria was an eyewitness to great events.

As she reflects on her years or pioneering the work of the Church of the Nazarene in Hungary, Maria, an ordained elder in the church, says this about her homeland:  “I do like the complexity of the ugly and the good together…and discovering the touch of God’s hand through it all.  PDF E-Book

Mursi: Reaching the Unreached of Ethiopia
Howie Shute

The Mursi people of Ethiopia are a community of nomads who were unreached with the gospel message as of the late 20th century. God called missionary Howie Shute to change that.

Howie and others prayed together that God would remove barriers so that the good news of Jesus would be proclaimed and received by the Mursi. Read about the incredible God-ordained partnerships that brought people from around the globe to work through the Church of the Nazarene to reach out to Ethopia’s Mursi.

PDF E-book

Audio download -- all 4 books MP3 (420MB ZIP)

Source:  Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library -- WHDL.ORG

Alternate languages available (Spanish, Portugues)

December is Nazarene Compassion Ministry (NCM) Month!
Please consider taking a special NCM offering this month in your church. This will help support the operation of NCM's ministries around the world. They include:
  • Child Sponsorships
  • Disaster Relief
  • Crisis Care Kit, School Pal Pak Shipping costs
  • Medical supplies
  • Clean drinking water / new wells / sanitation projects
  • Partnerships with other relief organizations

Also -- please consider giving directly to the Fawn Grove Compassion Center (the place that we take our Crisis Care Kits to). They have a matching gift offer that will double your donation and greatly help offset their operating expenses (Mark Checks FGCC, before December 22 to meet the grant deadline). Here is their Address:
Fawn Grove Compassion Center, Inc.
5300 Fawn Grove Road, Pylesville, MD 21132
Phone: 410-452-8699

Fawn Grove Matching Grant Information Letter: 

Nazarene Missions International (NMI) Purpose & Strategy:

To mobilize the church in mission through praying discipling, giving and educating.

  • The church prays for global mission endeavors
  • The church provides opportunities, especially for children and youth, to become involved in the mission of the church and to respond to God's call.
  • The church gives at least 5.5 percent of current income for the World Evangelism Fund and to other ministries/offerings as possible.
  • The church utilizes mission resources and participates in ministries to develop global awareness.

--Christy Boes, SWID NMI President

For great ideas on how to promote missions in your local church, check out the NMI IDEAS website.

NMI Scholarships Available

Two $500 NMI Scholarships were awarded at the 2017 SWID NMI Convention.  Scholarship winners were:  Jarren Rogers and Jonathan Elliott.


SWID Nazarene Missionaries

SWID Nazarene Missionaries

  • Liz & Lucas Gentry serving at Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center, Cactus, TX: www.lucasgentry.com Featured in the 2017 reading book, "Living Side by Side" -- read more
  • Sarah Ross serving with Extreme Nazarene in Quito, Ecuadorsross@extremenazarene.org
  • Sarah Warren serving with Extreme Nazarene in Quito, Ecuador:  swarren@extremenazarene.org
  • Alyssa Loyd serving with Extreme Nazarene in Cuiaba, Brazil,  40/40 Church Planter: aloyd@extremenazare.org
  • Alina Ellis serving with Extreme Nazarene, 40/40 Germany Master's Program, Frankfurt, Germany: aellis@extremenazarene.org
  • Ronny & Marlen Morante serving with Extreme Nazarene: ronmorante1@outlook.com

SWID NMI Facebook

JESUS Film Harvest Partners exists to help others fulfill the Great Commission

2017 SWID MISSIONARY Rev. Daniel Pesado


                Pastor Daniel Pesado speaking at Sullivan

                Pastor Daniel Pesado speaking at Sullivan

Missionaries:  Daniel and Margarita Pesado, currently serving in Spain on the Eurasia region.

Janet Ritter—Deputations Secretary,

LINKS: 2016-18 SWID LINKS Missionaries

     Brian & Erin Ketchum

Bedford Davis Memorial
Bloomington Eastview
Bloomington First
Clarksville Parkwood
Community of Hope
Freedom Commumunity
Harvest Chapel
Nashville Parkview
New Albany Christ's Community
Springs Valley
Turning Point
Valley Mission
Zion Community


     Steve and Brenda and Steve Heap  Email – Brenda.heap@gmail.com  stephen.m.heap@gmail.com

Address : Alameda Manaca 565, Recanto Tranquilo, Atibaia, SP, CEP 12949.195, Brazil

 facebook: Stephen M. Heap

Evansville Beacon
Evansville Faith
Evansville First
Evansville Grace
Fort Branch
Harmony Chapel
Mount Vernon First
Newburgh New Life
Oakland City
Point Township
Princeton New Life
Tell City
Vincennes First
Washington Winslow

     Alfredo & Rute Mulieri

Calvary Community Fellowship
Columbus First
Cory Community
Crossroads Community
Oasis of Hope
Peter's Switch
St. Bernice
Terre Haute First
Terre Haute Southside
The Point
Union Chapel
LINKS Director: Renee Johnson 812-259-1180 or r_johnsons@sbcglobal.net
 (For church assignment or contact information)

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries: Following the example of Jesus, NCM partners with local Nazarene congregations around the world to clothe, shelter, feed, heal, educate, and live in solidarity with those who suffer under oppression, injustice, violence, poverty, hunger, and disease. NCM exists in and through the Church of the Nazarene to proclaim the Gospel to all people in word and deed. 

SWID NCM Director: Dave Lynn 812-486-5504 or davel8257@aol.com.  

CRISIS CARE KIT / SCHOOL PAL PAK Collection Information

    Please don't forget to pay the warehousing and handling fees: $12 for each CCK box (ACM1297) and $10 for each School Pal Pak box (ACM 1788).  

Find Missional Stories at Engage Magazine

Video & Media Resources - Church of the Nazarene Media resource site

Teen CARE Corps: Director: Christy Boes 812-371-0722 cboes1972@gmail.com








Work & Witness: Doug Jones, SWID Coordinator 812-829-6203  jonesdd@sbcglobal.net


The 2018 W&W project information has been sent out to pastor's and NMI Presidents about the Honduras 2018 W&W project.  The dates are April 4 - 16, 2018.  A $100 (refundable) deposit is due immediately to sign up for the first 25 spots.  Full funding of $1545 will be needed NLT Mid-January 2018.  Use the Application form below and the contact info above if you are interested in going.


2017 W&W Project

The SWID W&W team did site prep, poured a concrete slab and erected a metal building that will be used as a District Compassion Center in Dilkon, AZ.  

SNAD Compassion Center shell erected: June 2017

A second SWID W&W trip was made to Dilkon, AZ on September 18 - 29, 2017.  Doug and Dede Jones were invited back by SNAD W&W coordinator to prepare for and lead a Chicago First Church team that would be arriving September 23rd.  Below are a few of the pictures of progress made prior to the team's arrival.  More pictures will be added.  Thank you, Doug for your leadership and hard work!  This building will be a compassion center for the SNAD district.  This is only phase 1 (of 3).  God is working in the hearts of Native Americans and SWID and friends are playing a part.

                                                                                                2017 - 2018 SWID NMI Council

                                                                                                2017 - 2018 SWID NMI Council

*President – Christy Boes, 13255 E 100 N, Columbus, IN 47203 (812-371-0722) email: cboes1972@gmail.com

*Vice President – Lillian Pursell, 1578 Freeman Rd., Spencer, IN 47460 (812-828-7476) email: lillypursell@gmail.com

*Secretary – Renee Johnson, 315 NW 1st St., Washington, IN 47501 (812-259-1180) email: r_johnsons@sbcglobal.net

*Treasurer – Marilyn Hicks, 4010 S Falcon Dr., Bloomington, IN 47403 (812-824-2317) email: bfcn@me.com (cell 812-327-8459)

Alabaster/World Mission Broadcast – Lillian Pursell (see Vice President)

Compassionate Ministries – Dave Lynn, 10055 E 1400 N, Odon, IN 47562 (812-486-5504) email: davel8257@aol.com 

Deputation – Janet Ritter, 256 Crest Motel Rd., Bedford, IN 47421 (812-279-0680) email: ronjanritter@gmail.com

Jesus Film/Harvest Partners – Ron Ritter, 256 Crest Motel Rd., Bedford, IN 47421 (812-278-4683) email:


Kids in Missions – Alissa DeKemper, 5027 Broadway Ave., Evansville, IN 47712 (812-781-0944) email: adekemper716@live.com

LINKS – Renee Johnson, 315 NW 1st St., Washington, IN 47501 (812-259-1180) email: r_johnsons@sbcglobal.net

*Missionary Care – Debbie Betts, 1143 W Stan Mar Estates, Brazil, IN (812-653-9607) email: marlinbetts@att.net 

Prayer/Fasting – Juanita Grenier, PO Box 216, Winslow, IN 47598 (915-490-8812) email: jgrenierin@yahoo.com

Teens in Missions - Christy Boes, 13255 E 100 N, Columbus, IN 47203 (812-371-0722) email: cboes1972@gmail.com

*Work & Witness – Doug Jones, 1141 N US Hwy 231, Spencer, IN 47460 (812-829-6203) email: jonesdd@sbcglobal.net

Youth Rep – Grace Biggerstaff, 820 Magnolia Dr., Mt. Vernon, IN 47620 (618-384-1152) gbigg2018@gmail.com

Youth Rep – Marquis Green, 3300 Carolina St., Columbus, IN 47203 (812-344-1565)

Bedford Zone – Janet Ritter (see deputation)

Bloomington Zone – Carrie Burris, 141 Cooper Ct., Ellettsville, IN 47429 (812-360-1780) email: carebear47429@yahoo.com 

Evansville Zone – Bethany Burnett, 1825 Greenbrier Drive Mount Vernon, IN 47620 ( 812 454 2360) email: burnettbn@mvschool.org

*New Albany Zone – Ken Walker, PO Box 188, Corydon, IN 47112 (812-972-2451) email: pkwalker66@gmail.com 

Oakland City Zone – Lydia Johnson, 691 S Concord, Drive, Princeton, IN (812-508-4154)  email: Lgjohnson1114@gmail.com

Seymour Zone – Brenda Loutner, 4903 Timber Ridge Drive, Columbus, IN 47591 (812-344-2370) email: brendaloutner@comcast.com

Terre Haute –Emily Book, 2019 N 10th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47804 (812-917-7163, 317-494-1601(c)) email: em_4_jc@yahoo.co

Vincennes – Shelley Sloan, 103 N. 19th St. Vincennes, IN 47591 (812)582-1281 email: Garret.shelley@frontier.com

*executive council


For more information and resources including free VBS curriculum Click HERE      

For more information and resources including free VBS curriculum Click HERE




EQUIP 2017 Training Materials


EQUIP 2017  training slides

EQUIP 2017  training slides