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we are nmi

We are Vision. We are Impact. We are people united in our belief that our involvement changes lives worldwide. We are a cross-cultural, cross generational movement that mobilizes the Church of the Nazarene in missions.

The 5 areas of IMPACT for NMI are:

  1. Praying - Prayer is the lifeblood of ALL that we do.

  2. World Evangelism Fund - WEF is the key to the fulfillment of our mission. The purpose of WEF is to sustain valuable ministries through consistent mission funding. Each church is asked to give at least 5.5% of the income to WEF.

  3. Alabaster - All contributions to Alabaster are used to construct churches, clinics, schools, parsonages, district centers, and to purchase land. No funds are used for adminstrative costs.

  4. Engage Children and Youth - NMI encourages all churches to involve children and youth in all missions endeavors and to nurture them as they seek to respond to His call.

  5. Links - This connects Nazarene missionaries and Nazarene churches through prayer, personal contact and generous giving. This gives each church an opportunity to beocme personally connected wih a missionary fmaily. Our Links missionaries need us. We are their extended family.

We want our next generation to have more passion than we do and to embrace God’s work in our local communities as well as in our world with an enthusiasm that surpasses our own. WE MUST engage them, empower them, equip them, expose them, encourage them, and excite them as it relates to missions.

--Christy Boes, SWID NMI President


Shiro Kano: Faithfulness at Any Price by Merritt Nielson

Originally told in 1948 by Alice Spangenberg, the story of Shiro Kano is a compelling call to faithfulness at any price. It is a timely reminder that in every generation, God needs men and women who will follow His call and who will faithfully render their service for the sake of the many who do not yet know Christ. …

What Begins Here Transforms the World by Debbie Salter Goodwin

Africa Nazarene University is a story of transformation led by an innovative group of pioneers. Debbie Salter Goodwin immerses you in their spirit and their faith. Whether administrator, faculty, or student, all share the same passion: God wants to transform lives and can use them to do it….

Tracy Sahib, Servant of Christ in India by R. Franklin Cook

The story of Leighton Tracy, pioneer missionary to India, was originally told by his daughter Olive Tracy. Tracy Sahib, Servant of Christ in India is a testimony to God’s faithfulness to those called to go to the ends of the earth. Franklin Cook grew up in India and shares keen insights into the sub-Continent, its cultures, and people….

Books are available in print and download (audio & PDF format) here.


2019-20 Adult Curriculum - Bringing New Focus to Missions

NMI Lesson materials will be released 3 times a year (4 lessons each) in March, July and November. Click here for information on lesson downloads and how to order additional lesson resources. Additional curriculum information will be handed at NMI convention in July. If you have questions, contact Christy Boes <cboes1972@gmail.com>.


Monday Update (Aug 13, 2018) from Nazarene Mission International

List of all "Monday Updates" from general NMI

For great ideas on how to promote missions in your local church, check out the NMI IDEAS website.


Fast Facts for 2018 (Latest Edition)

·         The Church of the Nazarene ministers in 162 world areas.*

·         In 2018, there were 680 missionaries originating from 59 world areas (including 220 long-term volunteers). Last year, 118 new missionaries were added. Within these missionary families, there are 333 missionary kids.*

Read more here

Don't forget to search on Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library for additional online resources.

SWID NMI Facebook

SWID Jesus Film Harvest Partners

“Jesus Changes Everything”

JFHP exists to help others fulfill the Great Commission by deploying “The Jesus Film” in multiple languages with the help of volunteer teams who carry the equipment to remote village locations, setup the equipment and show “The Jesus Film”. The response to this ministry has been tremendous with 1,000’s of converts and 100’s of new churches being started in villages and towns in 139 countries around the world. Please consider making an (approved 10% mission special) contribution to this amazing ministry. Contact Ron Ritter (see contact info below) — he’d welcome the opportunity to come to your church and present information about this ministry.

2020 NMI PROJECT — AppAlachia Reach Out


The Addiction Recover Center Karen’s Place Pregnancy Care Center needs diaper bags. Rev. Dwayne Mills will be speaking about the work in Applachia at NMI convention. Please ask your church to take this project on and fill a diaper bag and bring it to NMI Convention in July! We want to fill a truck load! Here’s the shopping list. Please bring diaper bags (or items) to Valley Mission on Sept 7, 2019 (Same day, same location as Crisis Care kit pickup).

LINKS: 2020-2023 SWID LINKS Missionaries

Carol Rittenhouse - Costa Rica  Profile Info

Assigned to Bedford, Bloomington, Terre Haute Mission Areas

Jason & Karen Courtney (TBA) Facebook

Assigned to: Oakland City, Seymour & Vincennes Mission Areas

 Stephan & Sandra Tibi — Germany & Switzerland Profile Info

Assigned to Evansville, New Albany Mission Areas

LINKS Director: Renee Johnson 812-259-1180 or r_johnsons@sbcglobal.net
(For church assignment or contact information)


The SWID Deputation missionary tour is scheduled for March 31 to April 6, 2020. Our guest missionaries will be Sam and Supranee Yangmi from Southeast Asia. You can read about them here. Here are the tour dates and locations:

March 31: Mitchel church
April 1: Seymour Zone @ Peterswitch
April 2: New Albany Zone @ New Albany Christ’s Community
April 3: Vincennes Zone @ Washington
April 4: Evansville/Oakland City Zones @ Oakland City
April 5: Bloomington Zone @ Bloomington First
April 6: Terre Haute Zone @ Greencastle
For service times and additional information contact Janet Ritter at 812-279-0680 or email ronjanritter@gmail.com.


TEEN CARE CORP 2020 — Haiti

Application & Interviews

Application for the 2020 Teen Care Corp trip is available here. Location: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Please fill out, attach a photo and send to:

Bethany Burnett
1825 Greenbrier Drive
Mount Vernon, IN 47620

email her at: bethany.burnett11@gmail.com
Interviews will be at SWID Lock-in.



Student Application

SWID offers a scholarship to students who feel a call to mission service. The application can be downloaded here. Please provide the following additional information:

-High school and/or college transcript
-A letter of recommendation from your Pastor/Youth Pastor
-On a separate sheet of paper please write your personal testimony and about your missionary call

Submit to: Christy Boes at cboes1972@gmail.com or 13255 E 100 N Columbus, IN 47203 by June 8, 2020.

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries:

Following the example of Jesus, NCM partners with local Nazarene congregations around the world to clothe, shelter, feed, heal, educate, and live in solidarity with those who suffer under oppression, injustice, violence, poverty, hunger, and disease. NCM exists in and through the Church of the Nazarene to proclaim the Gospel to all people in word and deed. Here are some resources:

SWID NCM Director: Dave Lynn 812-486-5504 or davel8257@aol.com.  

CRISIS CARE KIT / SCHOOL PAL PAK Collection Information

    Please don't forget to pay the warehousing and handling fees: $12 for each CCK box (ACM1297) and $10 for each School Pal Pak box (ACM 1788) (Approved 10% Specials). Submit these funds via the FundingtheMission website or use this General Remittance form and mail it and your check to:

Global Treasury Services
PO Box 843116
Kansas City, MO 64184-3116

If you pack clothing, then there is an $8 fee per box. Please send a check for each box to:

Marilyn Hicks,
4010 S Falcon Dr.,
Bloomington, IN 47403

- she will send it on to its final destination.

The next collection will be:  September 7, 2019 at Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene. (Contact your local NMI Mission Area Coordinators as they will be attending District NMI meeting that day or contact Dave Lynn and make other arrangements.)



Showing Compassion of Christ and offering Hope to our neighbors

The Compassion & Hope House is the first compassionate ministry on the Southwest Indiana District.  The CHH is open to anyone regardless of county that needs help with resources. The CHH is located in the former Newberry Nazarene Church in Newberry, IN. Our plans and programs thus far are a Tuesday evening Bible Study with a light meal, Celebrate Recovery, computer classes and homework/tutor help plus additional programs as the need comes about. If you would like to help support the Compassion & Hope House, we do have commitment cards available or you can send donations to:

Compassion & Hope House

Treva Lukens, 22671 Harper Hill Rd, Loogootee, IN 47553

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like more information, please contact me at 812-381-5514 or compassionandhopehouse @gmail.com.  Our website is www.compassionandhopehouse.org.

Work & Witness: Trip #2 planned

Doug Jones, SWID Coordinator 812-829-6203  jonesdd@sbcglobal.net

Kinlani Church of the Nazarene Flagstaff, AZ

SWID W&W team members traveled to Flagstaff, AZ on June 10-21, 2019 to work on the Kinlani (“Home to Many Peoples”) Church of the Nazarene. The Navajo congregation and pastor inspired us with their faith and vision. We were able to put down almost 3,000 square feet of laminated flooring in 6 large classrooms, put up suspended ceiling grid and tile, texture and paint the large hallway. Kitchen cabinet work was laid out and started. Rev. Darin Nossett brought a van load of teens and chaperones from Oakland City —they spent the mornings clearing brush from the property and the afternoons helping to lay flooring.

The materials for this project were paid for by SWID Lifeline. To become a Lifeline member, here’s a form to help organize your 4 quarterly payments of $10/each. To sign up for this project or a future W&W project, please fill out the SWID W&W Application form. Everyone can a part of this amazing ministry.

The entry way and large gymnasium are all that remain. The gym will require a lot of labor to finish taping, mudding and texturing the 30 foot high walls. The gym’s HVAC duct work needs to be modified. There is a return trip planned for October 7-18,2019 — if you are interested in helping out in any way, contact Doug and let him know. Costs would be $10/day for food and insurance. Campsites are available. On-site sleeping arrangements can be made. Come by plane, train, car or truck. Dave Lynn will be traveling by Amtrak — if you would like info or want to join him, click here. There will be a job for everyone! Onsite video info at this link.


21st Century Classroom Project

Technology to Transform Learning

Africa Nazarene University is a fully accredited university in Kenya, Africa training Christian young people who become community leaders, pastors and government officials throughout Africa and around the world. The 21st Century Classroom Project supports distance learning by providing smart whiteboards, computers, microphones, flat panel TVs where lesson material can be presented, discussions take place online and students can still work and support their families. The following items are needed:

Project List:

Item Cost per # of Total
Whiteboard 10'x3' $250.00 1 $250.00
Lecturer's Desk $100.00 1 $100.00
65" LED TV $1,500.00 2 $3,000.00
Desktop computer $800.00 1 $800.00
HDMI Duplicator $100.00 2 $200.00
HDMI Cable $100.00 6 $600.00
APC Battery Backup $500.00 1 $500.00
Mounting bracket for TV $35.00 1 $35.00
CCTV Camera $110.00 1 $110.00
A/V Cabinet $250.00 1 $250.00
Biometric Reader $250.00 1 $250.00
Misc. Items $500.00 1 $500.00
Total $6,595.00

To donate to this project send check made out to General Treasurer MEMO: ANU 25th Anniversary Classroom project - SW Indiana
General Treasurer
PO Box 843116
Kansas City, MO 64184-266

or CLICK HERE for online giving and more info

Don't forget to donate to SWID Lifeline -- support this and future SWID W&W projects in 2020!


Bedford Mission Area: Beth Brown

  • Chuck Wagon Cowboy, Mitchell, Orleans, Restoration (Bedford D.M.), Salem, Shoals, Springs Valley, Turning Point (Bedford 1st), Valley Mission

Bloomington Mission Area: Carrie Burris

  • Bloomington Eastview, Bloomington First, Freedom, Jordan, Spencer, Stinesville, Zion

Evansville Mission Area: Bethany Burnett

  • Boonville, Chandler, Evansville Beacon, Evansville Faith, Evansville First, Evansville Grace, Grandview, Harmony Chapel, Mount Vernon, Newburgh, Newburgh New Life (Eagle's Way), Northside Community, Point Township, Rockport, Tell City

New Albany Mission Area: Ken Walker

  • Clarksville 1st, Clarksville Pkwd, Community of Hope (Corydon), Family Fellowship, Georgetown, Harvest Chapel (Jeffersonville),Heartland (New Albany 1st), New Albany C.C.

Oakland City Mission Area: Steve Kochersperger

  • Dale, Fort Branch, Francisco, Mackey, Oakland City, Owensville, Princeton (New Life)

Seymour Mission Area: Sarah Ross

  • Brownstown, Calvary Comm Fell, Columbus 1st, Crothersville, Freetown, Haleysburg, Kurtz, Nashville, Oasis of Hope (Oasis de Paz), Peter's Switch, Scottsburg, Shalom Hispanic, The Point

Terre Haute Mission Area: Sheila Thompson

  • Brazil, Carbon, Cayuga, Clinton, Cloverdale, Cory, Crossroads Community (Ladoga), Dana, Greencastle, Patricksburg, Rockville, St. Bernice, T.H. 1st, T.H. Eastside, T.H.South, Union Chapel

Vincennes Mission Area: Sonya Nixon

  • Bicknell, Faith Community (Huntingburg), Greene County, Jasper, Newberry, Odon, Petersburg, Sullivan, Vincennes, Washington, Winslow

2018-2019 SWID NMI Council

2018-2019 SWID NMI Council

*President – Christy Boes, 13255 E 100 N, Columbus, IN 47203 (812-371-0722) email: cboes1972@gmail.com

*Vice President – Lillian Pursell, 1578 Freeman Rd., Spencer, IN 47460 (812-828-7476) email: lillypursell@gmail.com

*Secretary – Renee Johnson, 315 NW 1st St., Washington, IN 47501 (812-259-1180) email: r_johnsons@sbcglobal.net

*Treasurer – Marilyn Hicks, 4010 S Falcon Dr., Bloomington, IN 47403 (812-824-2317) email: bfcn@me.com (cell 812-327-8459)

*Jarren Rogers - 1055 Robert Drive, Apt 3C, Columbus, IN 47201 (812-230-6082) email: rogersjarren44@gmail.com

*Michael Elliott - 1071 Wildwood Loop, NW Corydon, IN 47112 (812-789-3758) email: mpelliott@rocketmail.com

Alabaster/World Mission Broadcast – Lillian Pursell (see Vice President)

Compassionate Ministries – Dave Lynn, 10055 E 1400 N, Odon, IN 47562 (812-486-5504) email: davel8257@aol.com 

Deputation – Janet Ritter, 256 Crest Motel Rd., Bedford, IN 47421 (812-279-0680) email: ronjanritter@gmail.com

Jesus Film/Harvest Partners – Ron Ritter, 256 Crest Motel Rd., Bedford, IN 47421 (812-278-4683) email: ronjanritter@gmail.com

Kids in Missions

LINKS – Renee Johnson, 315 NW 1st St., Washington, IN 47501 (812-259-1180) email: r_johnsons@sbcglobal.net

*Missionary Care – Debbie Betts, 1143 W Stan Mar Estates, Brazil, IN (812-653-9607) email: marlinbetts@att.net 

Prayer/Fasting – Juanita Grenier, PO Box 216, Winslow, IN 47598 (915-490-8812) email: jgrenierin@yahoo.com

Teens in Mission - Bethany Burnett, 1825 Greenbrier Drive Mount Vernon, IN 47620 ( 812 454 2360) email: burnettbn@mvschool.org

*Work & Witness – Doug Jones, 1141 N US Hwy 231, Spencer, IN 47460 (812-829-6203) email: jonesdd@sbcglobal.net

Youth Rep – Marci Lichtley, 230 E. Cummings St., Brownstown, IN 47220 (812-559-5051 - Mother: Jennifer), jlichtley22@yahoo.com

Bedford Zone – Beth Brown, 219 Shandell Drive, Bedford, IN 47421 (812-583-4834) email: duanebeth@comcast.net

Bloomington Zone – Carrie Burris, 141 Cooper Ct., Ellettsville, IN 47429 (812-360-1780) email: carebear47429@yahoo.com 

Evansville Zone – Bethany Burnett, 1825 Greenbrier Drive Mount Vernon, IN 47620 ( 812 454 2360) email: burnettbn@mvschool.org

*New Albany Zone – Ken Walker, PO Box 188, Corydon, IN 47112 (812-972-2451) email: pkwalker66@gmail.com 

Oakland City Zone – Steve Kochersperger, (812-774-3686) email: skochers75@gmail.com

Seymour Zone – Sarah Ross,

Terre Haute Zone – Sheila Thompson, 312 East Franklin St. Crawfordsville, IN 47933 (765-918-3790) email: sheilatcville@yahoo.com

Vincennes Zone – Sonya Nixon, Address: 1050 N. Main Street Sullivan, IN 47882-1032 812 268-4753 email: Sonya.Nixon@att.net

*executive council



Kids Reaching Kids

Mission Offering Project