Each year the District Board of Ministry holds interviews for those seeking a District Minister’s License- for a first-time license and for license renewal- as well as Ordination interviews.  In an attempt to aid students, licensed minister candidates and potential ordinands, the board has put together some helps and resources for the interviews.

What to expect from the small group/district licensing interviews… Interviews are held Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Valley Mission Church  and will be scheduled for 30-45 minute slots; the further along you are in the ministerial development process, the more likely it is that your interview will fill the entire time slot.

If this is your first interview and you are not applying for a District Minister’s License you can expect an introductory kind of interview - an opportunity for the group to get to know you, ask about how you came to this place in your life, inquire as to how your start at the Course of Study is going.

As the years proceed and if you are applying for a District License, you can expect the interview to become progressively more comprehensive until you are ready for ordination. A document linked below provides guidelines (along with preparation helps) for four areas that the Board of Ministry expects anyone to be ordained on the district to “nail” in their year of mentoring interview. You can use this document to prepare for all of your Board of Ministry interviews; the longer you have been in the ministerial development process, the more “ready” you should be. These four areas do not exhaust what may be discussed at your interview. Be assured that the Board members do not look at the interviews as an opportunity to surprise you with “gotcha” questions but as one to guide you, help you and encourage you as you grow through this process. They really are there to help you. This help may come via some tough questions but their “toughness” is designed to evaluate where you are as well as to help move you along in the process.

In order to give you an idea of what the Board of Ministry is looking for during interviews, check out the video below as well as look at the pdf/word document above. 

Jason Veach - The Story of Scripture from Genesis to Jesus