Missional Development Director:  David Hayes


First Things First: Praying our Way into Missional Living

I heard from a friend this morning that the word “priority” entered the English language in the fourteenth century.  But it was not until the twentieth century that the plural of this word—“priorities”—was added.  We cannot imagine a life without multiple priorities, can we?  


The Church of the Nazarene defines its priority via our mission statement:  Making Christlike Disciples of the Nations.  Jesus’ own commission to his disciples boils down to the same, “Go make disciples.”  It is really simple to understand—we should be making disciples.


But there is a problem.  After all of these centuries, we have forgotten how.  I’ve served in full-time ministry for more than thirty years.  I’ve been a pastor and youth pastor and even a pioneering missionary.  Yet until the last few years, if you would have asked me how many disciples I had made, I might have struggled in giving you names.


(Notice, Jesus did not say: “Go and find a Christian to disciple.”  That is what much of my ministry has been, and I fear our priority has been to welcome believers who come our way, and then train, mentor and develop them.  This is indeed important work.)


However, making disciples is about befriending people who don’t know Jesus, and over time introducing them to Him.  We often call it “winning souls.”    This is what “missional means”—To connect unconnected people to Jesus.  We want to be missional!


So I can hear you thinking: I know what he is going to say: Our priority should be to “Make Disciples.”  And you aren’t far off.  But, if we are truly going to make Christlike disciples of the nations, we must first be Christlike.


So our Missional Development Team is calling our SWID family to PRAYER.


Please pray for your district in the following ways:

  1. Pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest.  (Luke 10:2)  Many of us have set alarms on our phones for 10:02 every morning to remind us to pray for workers to be sent into the harvest.  

  2. Pray for a renewal of our ability to connect unconnected people to Jesus—to be missional.

  3. Pray for me as your Missional Development Director, and for your Missional Development Team as we lead this renewal initiative.

  4. Pray for each SWID Nazarene to take seriously our role of being missionaries.

  5. Pray for new missional classes and groups in your church, focusing on connecting unconnected people to Jesus.  

  6. Pray for upcoming SWID “Missional Me” and “Missional We” conference/training events.  


Let’s work together to make Christlike disciples in southwest Indiana.

© 2015 Southwest Indiana Dist. Church of the Nazarene
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