SWID Member Site

Our New District Database & Ministry Leader Directory

SWID has a new member site for all pastors, lay leaders, and district committees.


Church Community Builder (CCB) is becoming a primary communication tool that we use across SWID. This site keeps all calendars, groups, individual profiles, church profiles, and other administrative items. Because of the benefit CCB provides for communicating and organizing the SWID Family, we ask that everyone who is part of the SWID Family to begin using this new SWID Member Site and at a minimum, keep their profile up-to-date as outlined below.

This tool is best maximized when people keep their profiles up-to-date, including -

  • Keeping your contact information (phone, email, address, etc.) up to date

  • Uploading a current photo

  • Making sure that you are listed as a Group member of each district committee, council, or board you may be a part of, such as SWID Treasurers, District Advisory Board, SWID NMI Presidents, District SDMI Council.

  • Setting your notification / communication settings so that you are being notified and regularly checking emails from CCB to make sure you do not miss important and time-sensitive messages.

Helpful Tips for Using CCB

  • Basic User Guide (Click here for PDF download)

  • Logging in for the First Time (Coming Soon)

  • Adjusting your communication settings (Coming Soon)

  • Finding someone on CCB / Church Directory help (Coming Soon)

  • Navigating “Groups” on CCB (Coming Soon)

If you need any further help with the SWID Member Site / CCB, please email Matt at swidoffice@swidnazarene.org or call/text (812) 279-6621.