Special Service (SPC) Role Designation Information

Southwest Indiana District Church of the Nazarene

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What is an SPC role designation? 

The SPC role designation may be assigned to clergy active in “special service.” Such a designation is for “a member of clergy employed in a ministerial capacity as an officer in a church-related organization serving the church, or approved upon careful evaluation of his or her District Advisory Board and district assembly to serve with an educational institution, evangelistic, or missionary organization not directly related to the church.” (Manual 528 & 528.1) The role of SPC may also be given under special circumstances to ministers on interim or leave of absence. 

Permissions required for an SPC role designation

Permission for a clergy to participate in these works must be obtained prior to the work beginning and must be renewed annually by the District Advisory Board, ratified by the District Assembly and may also be subject to the approval of the General Superintendents. (Manual 528, 538.10, 538.13 & 538.14)

Criteria used by the SWID Advisory Board in the consideration of SPC role requests

• Each case will be considered on an individual basis

• Requests to serve with denominations who are members of the Global Wesleyan Alliance or Wesleyan Holiness Consortium will generally be approved. If the group or denomination is not a member, the beliefs and doctrine of the group will be considered. Applications for work in independent ministries must be accompanied by the organization’s official statement of faith.

• Input from the pastor or church board of the local church where one’s membership is held and/or the District Ministerial Credentials Board will be sought to determine if the minister is in good standing and is fulfilling the requirements of membership in a local Church of the Nazarene (Manual 538.8) and as a minister on the district. 

• An initial interview with the District Superintendent or District Advisory Board is required for first time applicants. As the original intent of the SPC role was for short term assignments, the District Advisory Board reserves the right to an annual review with applicants to discuss the minister’s future plans, continuation of status, return to the Church of the Nazarene, transfer of credential and/or to have continued contact and a better understanding and desire for what is best for all parties.

Process for requesting permission for an SPC role designation

Requests for an SPC role designation for clergy with a credential on the Southwest Indiana District should be sent to Rev. Tim Crump, District Superintendent, 3827 Austin Drive, Bedford, IN 47421, or emailed to tcrump@swidnazarene.org. The attached application should be used. 

Requests for church year beginning June 1, must be submitted by April 1. Those making a request will be notified of the District Advisory Board action prior to the beginning of the new church year. 

For questions regarding this process, please contact Rev. Tim Crump, District Superintendent at tcrump@swidnazarene.org, 812.279.6621 (district office) or 217.413.1579 (cell phone).