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SWID Prime Time Banquet @ Columbus First 6:30 p.m. ET

The Judith Montgomery Family is known for their tight family harmony, strong vocals and anointed singing.  Not only does this family group sing, Judith plays the piano while Megan and Graham pump out the sweet notes on dual trumpets for an instrumental song during their program.  You will be inspired and ministered by their music. 

                    Columbus 1st

              May 6 - 6:30 pm, EST   (Postmark by April 29)

Cost:    $17 per person until registration deadline;

            $20 per person after registration deadline.

1/2 Price for pastors and spouses

FREE for retired pastors, spouses or widows, & missionaries.

Make checks payable to SWID Prime Time & mail to:  Ross Kirkman, 76 Ridgeland Rd., Greencastle, IN 46135.    Phone: 765-653-7352 or 765-721-1296

Country Meal Menu with coffee --  Door Prizes will be awarded.