Process For Approval Of Paid/Unpaid Associates

Manual 159.1All local paid or unpaid associates who provide specialized ministry within the context of the local church and enter into a relationship of vocational ministry within the church, including directors of childcare/schools (birth through secondary), shall be elected by the church board, having been nominated by the pastor.  All nominations must have prior approval in writing by the district superintendent, who shall respond within 15 days after receipt of the request.

On March 7, 2017 our District Advisory Board approved the following action in regards to background checks:

The SWID requires and pays for background checks on new lead pastors that the District Superintendent is involved in placing and for background checks on every current lead pastor at the time of their review.

All local church associates (paid or unpaid), including ministerial, are required to have a background check completed through the District. This would be paid for by the local church. Payment is required before approval of any staff.

The local church is required to pay for and obtain through the district a background check on anyone receiving a Local Minister's License.

The district will obtain and pay for a background check on everyone prior to District Licensure and Ordination.

Process for Paid/Unpaid Associate

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