Reporting is necessary for both record keeping and for accountability. We can only be accurate in our gathering of district statistics if we have the report of every church on the district.

By the Thursday following the last Sunday of every month, every pastor or Sunday School Superintendent should report online through this form on the district website.

Contact us at (812) 279-6621 or

Name *
Average weekly attendance for all worship services this month. If you have multiple services, those attendance numbers are added together each weekend to achieve a weekly total. Please average those weekly totals for the month.
This number counts each attendee of either Sunday School or Discipleship group one time per week. It is not a combination of the next two categories. This requires accurate attendance records of every person for every group. For example: Mary attends SS, a Ladies Bible Study, and a Prayer Group – on this line you would count her ONCE
SS attendance ONLY- do not include other discipleship groups
For this line, you may count each person for each discipleship group they attend not including Sunday School. For example: Using Mary from above, on this line you would count her TWICE; once for the Ladies Bible Study and once for the Prayer Group. Do not count Sunday School.
This is the total enrollment for all discipleship groups and Sunday School regardless of if they attended. Each individual on the Roll should be counted ONCE.
Please identify cultural group(s) and average attendance
Number who were in a Hispanic or other cultural group class or group and average attendance