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The mission of Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) is to carry out the Great Commission to children, youth, and adults in preparation for a lifetime of being an making Christlike disciples in the nation.



  • To be a people of prayer, engaged in the Word, making Christlike disciples.

  • To intentionally develop relationships with unreached people so that they become Christlike disciples making Christlike disciples.

  • To teach the Word of God to children, youth, and adults so that they are saved, sanctified wholly, and maturing in Christian experience that results in a life of compassion, evangelism, Christian education, and disciple making.

  • To encourage everyone to faithfully engage in a discipleship ministry such as Sunday school/Bible studies, small groups, and other disciple-making ministries.



  • To reach the largest number of unchurched people for Christ and the church,

  • bringing them into fellowship,

  • teaching the Word of God effectively, and encompassing their salvation;

  • teaching the doctrines of the Christian faith and

  • developing Christlike character, attitudes, and habits;

  • helping to establish Christian homes;

  • preparing believers for membership in the church and

  • equipping them for appropriate Christian ministries.





2017-2018 Children's Quiz Schedule



See what SWID Adult Ministries has in store for you!


Dr. James Hicks SDMI Chairman


District SDMI Board 2017-18


*Chairman:  Dr. James Hicks, 4010 S. Falcon Dr., Bloomington, IN 47403

                         (E-mail:; 812-327-5665)


*District NMI President -- Christy Boes,13255 E. 100 N., Columbus, IN 47203

                        (E-mail:; 812-371-0722)


*District NYI President:  Mark Thompson,1109 24th St., Bedford, IN 47421

                         (E-mail:; 812-278-4474)


*Secretary & Elected Member:  Andrew Johnson, 691 S. Concord Dr., Princeton, IN 47670    

                         (E-mail:; 812-508-1526)


*Treasurer & Elected Member:  Dede Jones, 1141 N. U.S. Hwy. 231, Spencer, IN 47460

                         (E-mail:; 812-829-6203)


Children’s Director:  Brett Doninger, 2771 Forest Ave., Evansville, IN 47712

                        (E-mail:; 812-598-6504)


Adult Director:  Stan Loutner, 4903 Timber Ridge Dr., Columbus, IN 47201

                        (E-mail:; 812-344-2454)


Elected Member:  Alissa DeKemper, 5027 Broadway Ave., Evansville, IN 47712

                        (E-mail:; 812-781-0944)


Elected Member:  Garrett Lee, PO Box 155, Saint Bernice, IN 47875

                        (E-mail:; 765-832-3113)


Elected Member:  Eric Parker, 420 W. 4th St., Seymour, IN 47274

                        (E-mail:; 812-525-3272)


Elected Member:  Jonathan Scott, 4455 Hilldale Dr., Newburgh, IN 47630

                        (E-mail:; 812-632-0466)



* Executive Board


District SDMI Children’s Council 2017-18


 Children’s Director:  Brett Doninger, 2771 Forest Ave., Evansville, IN 47712

                        (E-mail:; 812-598-6504)


Children’s Camp Director:  Thomas McCool, 642 Beachfront Dr., Evansville, IN 47715

                        (E-mail:; 812-216-0822)


Children’s Quizzing Director:  McKenzie Woolsey, 812 N. Main Dr., Oakland City, IN 47660

                        (E-mail:; 812-664-7312)


District SDMI Adult Council 2017-18


Adult Director:  Stan Loutner, 4903 Timber Ridge Dr., Columbus, IN 47201

                        (E-mail:; 812-344-2454)


Men’s Ministries Director:  Duane Brown, 219 Shandell Dr., Bedford, IN 47421

                        (E-mail:; 812-675-8248)


Prime Time Director:  Ross Kirkman, 76 Ridgeland Rd., Greencastle, IN 46135

                        (E-mail:; 765-653-7352)


Women’s Ministries Director:  Teresa Bell, 233 E. Monroe, Chandler, IN 47610

                        (E-mail:; 812-449-2975)



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Engage the Word 2017-18

     Engage the Word is an exciting and easy way to deepen your connection to God and others through the daily reading of the Word. This special emphasis is uniquely designed for individuals, families, small groups, and congregations to develop lifelong habits of daily Scripture engagement.

Community Bible Experience

     This year we are recommending the use of Community Bible Experience, which are special resources created by Biblica.

     Community Bible Experience is a different way to read the Bible. It is less like a reference book and more like a story. It starts with a 40-day journey through the New Testament.  Reading five days a week, around 12 pages a day, you’ll experience every word.  Go to to view a video illustrating this special methodology.

     Through specially designed questions, discussion is encouraged by all age groups regardless of education or life experiences. In addition, your USA/Canada SDMI office is recommending the use of the downloadable resources from the Community Bible Experience from the Biblica website.

     This can be used in your Sunday School classes, Small Group classes, etc.  It can also be used anytime throughout the year.

     Beginning September 8, 2017, check the SDMI website for an additional free downloadable children’s poster.