To earn the Church of the Year Award, the following ten steps must be achieved:

1. New Nazarenes

The number of New Nazarenes received into membership based on membership at last assembly.  If the church membership was 1-24, 2 New Nazarenes should be received into membership; 25-74 (6); 75-124 (10); 125-174 (13); 175-224 (16); 225-299 (19); 300-499 (24); 500 and above (30).

2.  Mission Achievements

a) Achieved Mission Priority One

b) Achieved Church of Excellence

c) Met giving goals for: Alabaster, Home Assignment Offering (Deputation), LifeLine, LINKS, Missionary Care, Missionary Christmas Fund, and World Mission Broadcast

d) Submitted all year-end reports by June 6, 2017

3.  Honor Sunday School

To receive the Honor School Award, there must be an increase in responsibility list AND Sunday School average attendance of at least 5% of the figure reported to the last assembly.

4.  Honor NYI

The Honor NYI program is designed to encourage local churches to provide an active ministry for the youth of their community and be active participants on the district level.  All five of the criteria below must be achieved to earn Honor NYI status.

     a) Weekly youth meeting (Sunday school, youth group, small groups, etc.)

     b) Local missional emphasis (Offered minimum of two service opportunities in local community)

     c) Participation in a minimum of 3 district NYI events

     d) Senior Pastor attended Nazarene Missions & Youth Convention (July 24-25, 2016)

     e) Youth worker leadership development (Attended minimum of two training events: Youth Ministry

         Conference, Lock-In, Youth Worker Retreat, Convention)

5. Morning Worship attendance increase of at least 5% of the figure reported to the last assembly.

6. All funds paid in full

7.  10% given for Missions

8.  Pastor's Salary/Benefits increased during the year

9.  Participated in the Nazarene Bible College Offering

10. Participated in the Nazarene Theological Seminary Offering